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​Rediscovering Favourites from Sirdar - Spring/Summer Inspiration


These past few weeks has seen a mass overhaul of our Sirdar products on the new site. We have spent time carefully considering what products to keep and creating new 'Option Sets' to make it easier for our customers to purchase some of the amazing products we have available. In the process we have rediscovered some brilliant yarns and lovely patterns from the Sirdar range and thought we would share them with you, perhaps as a bit of inspiration coming into the (hopefully) warmer spring weather!

Rafaella DK

Sirdar Raffaella DK is a pretty, summery yarn with a delicate texture that creates the prettiest hand knits for women and girls. This gorgeously soft and drapey yarn is perfect for knitting feminine ruffles, delicate lace and pretty knitted flowers and comes in a limited range of fashionable, sorbet-soft colours. With 51% cotton, Sirdar Raffaella DK feels fabulously cool to touch and to wear all summer long.

Yarn Rangehttp://outbackyarns.co.uk/sirdar-raffaella-dk/

Ella DK

It is the time of year that everyone starts thinking Spring no matter what happened to the weather last year. Sirdar Ella DK has a 100% cotton look and feel with the addition of a lovely glittery sparkle. Sirdar Ella DK comes in eight bright and breezy shades and is a good solid standard DK, standing  in nicely for other yarns if you want a little glitz to your knit. As with all new yarns, Sirdar has launched a nice smattering of new patterns to compliment this gorgeous yarn.

Yarn range: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/sirdar-ella-dk-4/
Boat neck Sweater: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/dk-patterns-for-an-open-work-boat-neck-top-sirdar-ella-9781/
Retro Jacket: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/dk-pattern-for-a-knitted-reto-style-jacket-sirdar-ella-9778/
Lacy Cardigan Women/Girls: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/dk-pattern-for-a-lacy-cardigan-for-women-girls-sirdar-ella-9780/


Sirdar Firefly is an epic yarn from Sirdar which has been around for quite a while now. Here is what Sirdar have to say about Firefly; "Sirdar Firefly is a gorgeously soft, light yarn that comes in a range of 6 dramatic evening colours. We also have 6 shades in the sensational Firefly Metallic – each with the addition of a fabulous metallic thread. Both yarns come in a fascinating ladder construction and are easy-to-knit on 10mm needles – they’re designed to create flatteringly delicate hand knits for evening or trendy scarves to add a dash of subtle metallic lustre for every day." Sirdar Firefly is like ready made lace knitting in a ball. It is straight forward to knit with and results in a glamorous, lightweight piece with a genuine sparkle through it. The drape is simply beautiful, it just sits and looks good, and because it needs no frills the patterns it uses are simple and straight forward. Perfect for shawls and scarves.

Yarn Range: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/sirdar-firefly-1/
Shrug: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/shrugs-sirdar-firefly-9606/

Giselle Aran

Sirdar loves it's space dyed yarns but it is understandable, the shading adds drama and interest to the garment that you just don't get with flat solid shades. In squares mixed with plains they can be powerful and they are just great fun.

Sirdar Giselle Aran has a 43% wool, 43% acrylic, 14% metallic polyester blend, meaning that it is the perfect combination of wooliness and metallic to be both warm and glamorous this winter/spring. It has a gorgeous design package for women and girls that includes lace, cable and stocking stitch hand knits, as well as crochet designs. Sirdar Giselle is machine washable on a delicate wool cycle and knits to all Sirdar Aran designs. So check out the patterns for Sirdar Giselle Aran to see what you could make! Sirdar Giselle Aran yarn brings a new life to aran and cabling and wellies are not essential! Giselle will work well with most aran patterns but Sirdar have made a nifty selection of patterns to choose from specific to Giselle's lovely nature!

Yarn Range: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/sirdar-giselle-aran-4/
Waistcoat and Scarf: http://outbackyarns.co.uk/aran-pattern-for-a-waistcoat-and-scarf-sirdar-giselle-aran-9893/