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A Space-tacular Hat!

A Space-tacular Hat!

Greetings one and all!
Gather round, don't be shy! Shall I tell you grand tales of adventure and romance~?

Or shall I tell you of my magnificent hat?

Isn't it just out of this world~?

When Lewis and Irene's new Light Years collection came in, I just couldn't resist making something with it. Why did I make a Muffin Hat? Blame the wonderful Ginny Di:

As you can see in the video, this hat is great for even beginners' sewing projects!

So, which fabric did I use? The solar system pattern of A420.2 (Planets, Midnight Blue) reminded me so much of the Realms maps from Dungeons and Dragons that it made a wonderful stand in as a pattern for a wandering bard's hat. You could use any fabric you like, though the fabrics from the Light Years collection are extra special~!


They're glow in the dark!

Perfect for making something magical for fans of outer space!

And finishing your hat is as simple as a button! No, literally, I used buttons to hid the tips of the peacock feathers I attached to my hat.

... Please ignore my excessive-giggling-face...

And with the right fabric, your hat will look fantastic at any angle.

So what are you waiting for? Find a fabric to suit your tastes, some matching ribbon, a few accessories, and give this marvelous project a go!

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