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A Useful Familiar Fit for a Wizard!

A Useful Familiar Fit for a Wizard!

This one goes out to my fellow Tabletop Gamers.

We just recently got in the Lost in Space collection and I instantly knew what I wanted to make with it. 

As both a player and game master in tabletop gaming, I was in dire need of a new dice bag to hold my hoard of shinies. But not just any bag would do! Since I'd purchased a pattern for a dragon toy a little while ago, I decided to up the anti and make myself a pseudodragon familiar to guard my fate-deciding dice. 

Going with a celestial theme; this litte drawstring bag is made from two fat quarters (Lost in Space BL9770-99 and Fairy Frost Snow), about a metre and a half of satin ribbon, toy eyes, some beads, a snap fastening, toy stuffing and tinsel. (How seasonal~!)
The bag itself is relatively simple, if a little bit fiddly with the folding to get the sides to meet with the base. The head is sewn to the "back edge" of the bag so it can lift up and come back down, with the snap fastening at the front of the collar for a secure cap. His tinsel "spines" give him a punk-like look, and he even has a cute bead tail!

Needless to say, he's rolled a critical success in charisma!

Just look at how many dice he can fit, and he's not even full!

Hopefully, even if you're not a tabletop gamer, my charming pseudodragon bag will have given you some inspiration for your own sewing projects, or even for gifts. And to those of you whom are dungeon-delvers, I hope this brings you equal inspiration for your crafts and for your games! Think it would count as Bardic Inspiration?

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.
It's your turn to roll~