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Cotton Yarns are for more than dishcloths!

Cotton Yarns are for more than dishcloths!

Cotton Yarns are for more than dishcloths!

Cotton yarn has been traditionally associated with this very essential and functional piece of kit. 

Dishcloth making can be fun, easy and quite satisfying, and with such an array of colours now available, well why not?

Most need less than 100g of craft grade cotton yarn, preferentially not a mix and King Cole has produced the perfect wee beastie for this job in its Big Value Cotton Aran range.

But us British are shy of using cotton on a wider scale.

We think of it as a Summer yarn, a cool fibre for the heat.....and here in Scotland high temperatures are not so common.....but for Spring and Autumn it is an iadeal choice.

 But there is so much more to cotton!

Hypo-allergenic it is ideal for sensitive skins, perticularly eczema.

Cotton drapes well which gives a garment an extra degree of elegance.

Cotton takes up dye better than most wools, with one or two exceptions, giving strong jewel like colours with incredible depth.

Cotton doesn't pill.

Cotton is incredibly strong and hard wearing.

Cotton is soft and comfortable to wear, especially next to the skin.

Last but by no means least Cotton yarns are made for crochet. Limited stretch makes for easier handling and cotton supports the stitches beautifully!

Mixed with other fibres you get the best of all worlds!

Adriafil has got its sumptuous Duo Comfort and Duo Plus, a mix of merino wool and Egyptian cotton, easy to wear, amazingly soft and fantastically colourful!

Adriafils Rugiada, a wool cotton mix with a divine delicate sparkle, and Rowans Cotton Cashmere, a decadent mix that is also a good all rounder!

And why not knit or crochet for Summer?

Halter Tops, Summer vests or something to act as a pretty cover up such s a shawl or a little Bolero!

Cotton is fab for dishcloths but experiment and create!