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Easter Elegance 2019

Easter Elegance 2019

Easter's not far away, and everyone's getting ready to hunt for treats left by rabbits and decorate eggs.

But boiled eggs are either eaten at the end of the day, or thrown away before they go bad. A more long-lasting alternative? Our polystyrene eggs! Even better? Anyone can decorate them in any manner they please!

Want to join in on festive fun, but paint and googly eyes aren't really your thing? Hows about something with a satin finish?

What about ribbon?

Made with several lengths of ribbon (cut into smaller lengths) and sequin pins (plus a few longer ones right at the end), this glue-free decorating method is perfect for crafters with nimble fingers and a love of folding.

But how do you do it?

Well, I started by drawing some guidelines on my egg from the top to the bottom; highlighting where the egg would be quartered if we were to cut it. Then, starting at the top, pin your short ribbon lengths half way along your top edge and fold the ends downwards to make triangles. Simply repeat the process all the way down the egg until you get to the very bottom, where you'll simply fold some slightly longer lengths of ribbon over themselves and pin them to the very bottom to form an adorable nest (which just so happens to double as a stand!)

I think you'll agree that the final result is simply stunning!