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MAKE your Christmas Merry and Bright!

MAKE your Christmas Merry and Bright!

This year, we encourage you to MAKE your Christmas…

It is a long family tradition in our house to have at least one new, handmade Christmas decoration to add to the decorations each year. This can be anything from a quilted table runner, paper decorations to hang on the tree or a crafty piece to decorate the table. Now, with our family split between Australia and Scotland, I am bringing the tradition into a new space and creating our own set of handmade decorations that are both easy and beautiful additions to our home.

Last year, I spent my downtime creating these beautiful origami star baubles, using a variety of papers from my crafting collection. I was inspired by family friends in Australia who had created an amazing array of sizes of these ornaments which really brought their tree and Christmas space to life! 

They are known as Kusudama Ornaments and were incredibly easy to fold and create, once you have the hang of it. I found this video tutorial incredibly good at helping me get started, and then it was just a case of letting my imagination run wild with the papers and decorations I used to finish them off! I found it incredibly useful to have a good supply of small paperclips on hand to hold the pieces together whilst the glue was drying and whilst hot glue may seem like a good choice for holding them together, the PVA was a much stronger and better option in the long run.

This year, Carly is available in the store Mon-Wed for anyone who may wish to learn how to fold the Kusudama Ornaments and any other simple paper decorations. It is a great way to create unique and beautiful pieces with your family each year! Check out our Christmas DIY Ideas on Pinterest for more ideas and simple decorations!

We have an amazing collection of Christmas Craft Papers and Decorations that can be used to help create and MAKE Christmas truly special this year. Click through here to see what we have available across our Christmas Ranges!

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