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New Gossypium Cotton yarn by Erika Knight

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If you have been stomping around the the yarn section for at least as long as me you probably have noticed Erika Knights contribution to knitting design. Now gone independent this lady has brought out her own brand of yarns which like herself is simple quality but complex in colour and fibre.

Cotton is classically a British no no being confined to Summer and dishcloths and it was a surprise that Erika launched this yarn as late as she did, but this is sooo pretty!

Made by an eco-friendly production team Gossypium Cotton is a dk cotton of beautiful quality, soft and lush, nothing fancy in its' own right but the handle is divine and the colour palette soft, deep pastel shades. Aimed at babies and small children as an alternative for those looking for natural fibres there is no baby sugar pink or lemon, instead the shades are more subtle and very appealing. 

Supported by 6 patterns, gorgeous by their simplicity and 3 free patterns to download from Erika Knights site I think this will inspire those afraid of cotton to give it a try and see that this is one for all year round, not just dishcloths and Summer!