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'Tis the Season to get FROSTY!

'Tis the Season to get FROSTY!

Christmas couldn't be cancelled AGAIN! 

With continued delays on the delivery of Christmas fabric ranges extending into this Christmas Season, we felt it was time to take matters into our own hands and find a project that could be completed solely without the need for specific Christmas fabrics. We had played with the ideas of using only Fairy Frost fabrics for a number of other projects in order to show off the range (which is a stunning take on solid colours, featuring a swirling frosty metallic finish across the surface of the fabric) and this seemed like the perfect time to do so!

First things first...time to choose!

After trawling through hundreds of patterns, we finally settled on the Merry Mini Mystery Quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop as a fantastic design to show off these beautiful fabrics. The next step was working out which colours would be best for each of the blocks included in the quilt. We finally settled on the combination below as a good selection of Christmas colours.

The pattern originally called for a Layer Cake to complete the design, but we calculated 1FQ of each colour and 1.5M of the Snow for the background would be more than sufficient. 

Next...Call in the troops!

Being a small family business, we find that, even with the best intentions, we can't possibly complete every project ourselves. Therefore, we are extremely lucky to call a number of creators our friends, whom we can call upon to help pull together samples, garments and quilts at the drop of a hat!

This time, it was the wonderful Harley Stewart (@hstewartart) who came to our rescue and agreed to knock together the pattern in time for the Christmas season. After sending through the patterns and fabrics, we were delighted when he began to piece it together, providing updates and progress shots both through instagram and email to us. 

"Not my first quilt by any means but definitely my first small quilt / wall hanging size and it was a delight to work on something of a smaller scale, albeit trickier to make sure everything was accurately cut and aligned. Fabric combinations really complimented each other beforehand so once all the pieces came together, it worked even more so. The pattern came together really quickly which made it a satisfying project."

With such a beautiful design and some truly interesting blocks, the Fairy Frost was the perfect choice for this mini quilt. The subtlety of the fabric, the pop of the colours and the soft shimmer that runs across the whole of the quilt all add the perfect balance to the intricate blocks and help highlight the skill of both the designer and creator in their composition. 

Lastly, we got Gran Gran, our very own resident quilter, to quilt and bind the finished quilt top, creating the perfect lap sized or wall hanging quilt for the Christmas Season! In order to let the swirling shimmers of the fabric do their best work, Gran chose to do a simple Stitch-in-the-Ditch quilting method which has allowed both the fabrics and the blocks to really pop!

If you would like to use Fairy Frost fabrics in your next quilt, whether as a shimmery background, a pop of colour or, like we have done, as a brilliant take on a solid colour quilt, why not take advantage of our 20% off 10 or more FQ units of Fairy Frost, using the discount code, which will be active until 23/11/2021 11:59pm GMT. 

Happy Quilting and Happy Christmas prep everyone!

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