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Sock Yarn

In the good old days when wool was really wool and socks were were knitted by everyone sock wool was pure wool, possibly spun a bit finer to allow for bending the foot. Often made up of itchy, scratchy stuff which made even your knees get itchy.  Times fortunately have moved on and while ASDA and Co sell 10 pairs for £5 knitting socks is not economical any more, but it can be pure indulgent pleasure. The yarns have improved significantly with better wool breeds, other fibresd being used including angora, nicer, brighter colours, even elastin added to give more hold and grip and most of all nylon has been added which help keep the shape and increase the durability. 
  These are socks that you will want to keep. You can add cables, or knit lace or motifs and you will want to mend them over and over again.

 Homemade socks are also slightly thicker, comfier and miles warmer than the cheapy specials. And once mastered you can knock out a pair in a weekend. ....

52 weekends in a year, well that is a lot of socks.  The other beauty about sock knitting is that it is a transportable project easy to take to work or on holiday.

Last but definitely not least sock yarn can be used for other things and not just socks. It is a standard weight yarn, mostly 4ply and you can use it for any 4ply pattern; and because it is for a large part brightly coloured it makes smashing Summer tops, fingerless gloves and a whole host of heavenly things.