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There are a number of ways to get hold of us.

We are a bricks and mortar shop, first and foremost so what we have available in our webshop is a tiny reflection of what is on offer in our real shop, staffed by real people who, if they can't snswer your queries will go to great lengths to find solutions!

Our opening hours are 10 am - 5pm Monday - Saturday, although we are usually up and running about 9am with the vac, tidying and doing stuff.......

Sundays we are closed, need to get our energies back. 

We close at Christmas and New Year, but that is pretty much it!

Our phone number is 01556 504900, if no one answers, we are not ignoring you we are unfortunately being very busy, so recommended first point of contact is by email. 

We read them all and try to reply. Sometimes replies end up in your spam bucket so please check there before thinking we are ignoring you coz we ain't! If you want us to phone you back please feel free to add a phone number to the email.

Our address is

130 - 132 King St

Castle Douglas




if you wish to write to us.