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Needlecraft Fabric

Needlecraft Fabric

A good foundation makes all the difference to both  the pleasure of making but also the look of the finished piece of work while ensuring that endless hours put in will last for years and years to come!

We try to stock the best in this field at a good price.

A range of cottons and linens of various guages from rug canvas to Belfast linen with tapestry canvases available.

These are available both in sore as well as online. 

Any questions please feel free to ask and we will be happy to impart our knowledge!

These fabrics are best used as they come and only wash when the work is finished, following washing instructions of both the fabric and the thread to ensure minimal shrinkage.

nost of these fabrics are sold in "fat quarter" sizes ie 1/2 metre wide x 1/2 the cloth length to reduce waste and keep costs down.


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