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Knitting Needle Brand

Knitting Needle Brand

Knitting Needles (by Knitting Needle Brand)

One essential for nearly any knitting project are the knitting needles! Very little thought is given to choosing these tools but there are so many types, sizes and lengths as well as what they are made of to consider. 
Patterns offer some advice on needle size or gauge, but also consider the number of stitches expected, yarn thickness and whether a join is accepted or not desired.

Ease of use and comfort is often forgotten and is often the cause of UFOs (unfinished objects) which end up forgotten at the back of cupboards etc.

Consider ultra short dpns for gloves, especially fingers and circular knitting needles for large numbers of stitches or too many to fit on whatever straight needles in use.

If in doubt please feel free to ask us! 

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