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Easter's not far away, and everyone's getting ready to hunt for treats left by rabbits and decorate eggs.

But boiled eggs are either eaten at the end of the day, or thrown away before they go bad. A more long-lasting alternative? Our polystyrene eggs! Even better? Anyone can decorate them in any manner they please!

Want to join in on festive fun, but paint and googly eyes aren't really your thing? Hows about something with a satin finish?

What about ribbon?

Made with several lengths of ribbon (cut into smaller lengths) and sequin pins (plus a few longer ones right at the end), this glue-free decorating method is perfect for crafters with nimble fingers and a love of folding.

But how do you do it?

Well, I started by drawing some guidelines on my egg from the top to the bottom; highlighting where the egg would be quartered if we were to cut it. Then, starting at the top, pin your short ribbon lengths half way along your top edge and fold the ends downwards to make triangles. Simply repeat the process all the way down the egg until you get to the very bottom, where you'll simply fold some slightly longer lengths of ribbon over themselves and pin them to the very bottom to form an adorable nest (which just so happens to double as a stand!)

I think you'll agree that the final result is simply stunning!

French General French Hood

Clever connections are... well, clever. So I figured it would be clever to make a fantastical 16th century French Hood using one of the French General fabric collections. My chosen collection: Jardin de Versailles. While not exactly period accurate in terms of materials, the pattern (that my mother very generously let me borrow) is as true as can [...]

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Pearls for More Than Jewellery

Love pearls but hate wearing them? Look no further than Pearl Clay!(Not real pearls, before anyone asks.)Coming in packs of three colours; simply split the clear modelling compound between the pots of pearls, mix it in well (I recommend repeatedly stretching it a little bit and folding the beads in), and craft away! Use to [...]

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Cotton Yarns are for more than dishcloths!

Cotton Yarns are for more than dishcloths!Cotton yarn has been traditionally associated with this very essential and functional piece of kit. Dishcloth making can be fun, easy and quite satisfying, and with such an array of colours now available, well why not?Most need less than 100g of craft grade cotton yarn, preferentially not a mix and [...]

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Experimenting with Adriafil Self-Stripers

Experimenting with Adriafil Self-Stripers Why the Adriafil Yarns?Adriafil has always been a favourite in our little shop. They seem to have a knack for getting their yarn right, every time. Always high quality, decently priced and easy to work with, it knits up into some beautiful garments. With that in mind, we decided to try out the [...]

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Rowan Knit Along no. 3 by Lisa Richardson - Textured Granny Square

If you are following and joining in this crochet along --- well done you! This is no.3.. You should have by now quite a few squares piling up... what you don't know about granny squares at the end of this won't be worth mentioning! Remember we keep this luscious yarn, Felted Tweed Dk in stock. And [...]

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Lisa Richardson CAL no. 2!!!!!

Crochet a blanket in installments!Hello out there! how's everyone getting on? Anyone getting their teeth into this GORGEOUS crochet project? Well here is part 2!!Good thing about this is that hopefully it encourages completion of a project and anyone can join in. If there is a group you can bounce ideas off each other!We have [...]

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Our new shop

Attention all artists, we have been spending the last month working hard to setup a new shop dedicated to selling art supplies. From paints, pads, pencils, pens to paper we hope to have the new website running within the month so keep an eye out for the new website art-to-go. 

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The Lisa Richardson Crochet Along 2017 by Rowan Yarns

I don't blog often. As the owner of bricks and mortar shop I do excessive amounts of chatting daily to customers. As anyone who visits knows! Generally there is daily running theme which we encourage customers whether they are regulars or just passing through to join in. It is all just good fun!Knit along and crochet [...]

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Kaffe Fassett Knit Along - week 2 - Ascending Squares

Kaffe Fassett Knit Along - week 2 - Ascending Squares or Descending Squares, whichever you choose. Make 2Hope you are having fun with the first square! I found a knitters thimble helps to keep the tension even and reduces the problem of the yarns twisting around each other!This week is easier, only two colours required. [...]

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