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Cutting Mats

Essential kit for most crafters, model makers and artists. A good cutting mat or board provides a non-slip matt surface to work on as well as to cut out on.

The best type are "self healing" -ie the cut grooves come back together and leave no surface bump or depressian that may cause a knife or rotary cutter to throw a wobbly and cut a less than straight line. 
Good mats come with measurements and markings to assist in accurate and if required straight cutting. 
Many come with angles and intersections marked out too which helps in patchworking and wherever geometry is needed!

The best mats are double sided and, if looked after should last a long time, although not forever.

Keep flat, store under beds, tables and settees. Keep away from heat and unless otherwise stated do not use an iron, a hot air gun or a glue gun on them. They do not like them

We stock a good range of boards from Olfa, Sew Simple and Jakar which are more aimed at crafters. 

We also have some nifty pink ones which may be easier to use than green.

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