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Embroidery & Tapestry Hoops & Frames

Embroidery & Tapestry Hoops & Frames

Embroidery & Tapestry Hoops & Frames

Keeping your fabric tight keeps the tension of the stitches constant and helps with keeping the surface clean.

It also helps to prevent loose ends tangling up into a giant knot!

Choosing the right size of hoop or frame can help or just throw frustration in to the project.

Hoops are perfect for smaller projects and don't necessarily need to be as big as the design but if it is smaller ensuring that the thread thickness won't hinder the grip of the hoop is priority.

Frames are better for tapestry work and the width needs to be at least as wide as the tapestry, but not as long.

The surplus can be wound around the rollers!

If getting hand held frames or hoops bear in mind that clamps can be purchased to hold these to free up hands, to reduce strain.

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