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Jean Greenhowes Knitted Toys

If you love knitting toys or just love the idea of knitting them Jean Greenhowe offers piles of inspiration. A veteran of toy design she has been producing books of knitted toy patterns for many years and their popularity is down to the variety, the number of patterns each book contains and the painstaking detail she goes to in each toy often with adorable additional odds and ends to knit out of yarn scraps. 

These toys are adored by all generations from babies to older folk and they can be presented as christening gifts, birthday pressies or keepsakes for retirement or just because you love someone and you want to give them something special.

These toys are also fantastically popular with raffles and fund raising events as prizes and tend to raise lots of money. So if you are stuck for gift ideas or you are stuck with masses of yarn you could do worse than to get a Jean Greenhowe book and knit a few toys and spread some happiness.

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