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We thought it would be nice if you knew a little about the Outback Yarn staff, so here is a list of who handles your yarns and knitting needs.

The overlord, creator and ultimate bringer of knitting produce... In the beginning there was nothing. Shortly after there was:


Starting the business, shortly after Jesus was born, she continues to be a source of knowledge and inspiration to knitters all over the moon. Her day to day task does require her to be in many, many, many places at once; which she seems to achieve better than anyone else. Either on the phone, conversing with a customer, filling out orders, placing orders or drinking coffee if she is free she will gladly give her opinion and lend a helping hand.

In her spare time she enjoys working while in front of the television, cooking, cleaning and looking after the small arsenal of animals (not including her children) that she keeps. If she isn't doing any of these things then she might be knitting or sewing, but more likely reading a little bit of Terry Prattchet before going to sleep.


Next is daughter to the Overlord, and an Overlord herself to the world in her own mind.


Not much of a knitter, crocheter or seamstress. Sammy doesn’t have much of an interest in the world of knitting and Sherbet the Sheep. However working in Outback Yarns you have to know your stuff and so when Sammy was younger she was shipped off to one of the highest fields in Castle Douglas. There in a hidden temple she learned all that could be learned about the ways of the wool and the yarn. How they could be manipulated to create clothing, art and much, much more.

So even though Sammy is quiet, content, absentminded and appears to be unsure of where she is: she is a fountain of knowledge.

In Sammy’s spare time she likes to invest in developing her skills in beadwork, scrapbooking and generally all things crafty (unless it is related to knitting). She is an artist in her own right and you will often see her in the back room doodling away at some new masterpiece or another.


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