Fabric Sizing

Fabric Sizing - How we Size your Fabric at Outback Yarns, Everything You Will Hopefully Need to Know!

Here at Outback Yarns, we want to clearly let you know how we size cut the fabrics from the bolt before we send it to you in the post.

We have split our bolts of fabric into Fat Quarters to make it easier for us to keep control of our stock levels and to keep the units whole numbers.

There are 2 options when it comes to fabric sizing:

  • Fat Quarters – approximately  50cm x 56cm  / 20” x 22”. Fat Quarters are a 50cm length of the bolt which is then divided into 2 cuts midway along the width of the fabric to give a 21"-22” piece of fabric (approximately 50cm to 56cm). 

    If you wish to purchase A Half metre (50cm or approx. 20") of the bolt of fabric, then you would purchase 2 x Fat Quarters (2 Units of Fat Quarter) and we would send these at 1 piece 0.5x1.1m approx. This applies for each length in half meters. 

    0.50m = 2 Fat Quarters (2 Units)
    1.00m = 4 Fat Quarters (4 Units)
    1.50m = 6 Fat Quarters (6 Units)
    2.00m = 8 Fat Quarters (8 Units)
    2.50m = 10 Fat Quarters (10 Units)


  • Due to the nature of our POS software stocktaking capabilities, we will prepare orders which have ordered an odd number of Fat Quarters (units) such as 3, 5 or 7 units as 1 piece plus 1 Fat Quarter (unless otherwise requested). For Example:

    3 units - 0.50m of fabric x the width of the bolt + 1 fat quarter
    5 units - 1.00m of fabric x the width of the bolt  + 1 fat quarter
    7 units - 1.50m of fabric x the width of the bolt  + 1 fat quarter
    9 units - 2.00m of fabric x the width of the bolt  + 1 fat quarter
    11 units - 2.50m of fabric x the width of the bolt 


  • Panel - A panel of fabric which will be the size of the design (typically the width of the bolt [42”-44” / 106cm-112cm] x the height of the design.

Fabric sizes available at Outback Yarns