How to knit the cast on row

How to knit the cast on row

This is a basic guide on how to knit for right handed folk. It doesn't replace one to one tuition but sometimes this isn't readily available, like if you live somewhere isolated...

• Hold needle with cast on stitches in lefthand and empty needle under right armas for cast on. The tail of yarn will be under the first stitch on a right side row. Push right hand needle through1st stitch. How to knit stage 1
• Wind ball end of yarn under then overright hand needle.  How to knit stage 2
• Pull yarn through to make a loop. How to knit stage 3

• Keeping loop (which will now be the newstitch) on right hand needle, drop oldstitch off left hand needle. Repeat until there are no more stitcheson left hand needle. (You have justcompleted a row).

How to knit stage 4
Swap needles so that empty needle is in the right hand again to start next row.