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The Best Way to ask a Question about your Order with Outback Yarns

The best way for you to get in touch with us about your order is to send us an 'Order Message' through your account. For those that need a little bit of help with how to do this please follow the steps below to get your message to us. Messages may include order amendments, status updates, questions about the products ordered or general help or questions that you might have about your order. The steps below are from a desktop, however sending us an order message on a mobile device or a laptop is very similar.

Please note, you can only send us an order message if you have placed an order with us

Step 1 - Make your way to your orders page

Once you have logged into your account, click on the account link in the top right corner to show the drop down menu. From the drop down menu click (or tap) on 'MY ORDERS'

Step 1 - Make your way to your orders page. How to submit an order message on Outback Yarns

Step 2 - Make your way to the messages page within your Outback Yarns account

When you are on your account or orders page click (or tap) on the 'MESSAGES' tab to bring up the messages page

Step 2 - Make your way to your messages tab. How to submit an order message on Outback Yarns

Step 3 - Opening up the Message Submission Form

 Once you are on the messages page, you will see any previous message which you have sent or have been sent to you. To send a new message click (or tap) on the 'Send Message' link to open the message form.

Step 3 - Opening the message submission form. How to submit an order message on Outback Yarns

Step 4 - Send us a message using the message form

Once the message form has been opened you can select which order you wish to contact us about, add a subject title to the message and complete the message content, please note that all fields need to be filled in before the message can be sent. When you are finished click (or tap) the 'Send Message' button at the bottom of the message form and that will notify us that you have sent a message about your order.

Step 4 - Submitting your order message to Outback Yarns. How to submit an order message on Outback Yarns


The best thing about order messages is that we instantly know who you are and what you are messaging about as the message is attached to your order. Also, as your message is attached to your order is it then visible for all of our staff members to view, so they can see what has been discussed about the order and helps to keep all the information in one place.

Thanks for reading this and we look forward to receiving your order messages soon.

All the best from Sarah and the Outback Yarns team

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