Knitting and Crochet Abbreviations

We know at Outback Yarns that ever the most experience of us can forget the extremely simple things in life that we have been doing for years. So JUST IN CASE you forgot, here is a list of knitting abbreviations for you as a reminder which was made up for the knitting and Crochet patterns by: Coats and Crafts, UK


K : knitting
P : purl
ST(S) : stitch(es)
GARTER ST : every row knit
STOCKING ST : 1 row knit, 1 row purl
TOG : together
TBL : through back of loops
INC : increase by working into front and back of stitch
DEC : decrease by working 2 stitches together
BEG : beginning
ALT : alternate
REP : repeat
CONT : continue
MEAS : measures
FOLL : following
REM : remain(ing)
RS : right side
WS : wrong side
CM : centimetres
IN : inches
MM : millimetres
SL1K : slip 1 knitways
YFWD : yarn forward
YRN : yarn round needle
PSSO : pass slipped stitch over
PATT : pattern
0 : no stitch, row or time to be worked in this size
MS : main shade
C : contrast
M1 : make a stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and working into back of it.

Crochet and stitch making abbreviations

ST(S) : stitch(es)
CH(S) : chain(s)
CH SP : chain space
TCH : turning chain
STCH : starting chain
SL ST : slip stitch
DC : double crochet
HTR : half treble
TR : treble
DTR : double treble
TTR : triple treble
QUAD TR : quadruple treble
QUIN TR : quintuple treble
SEXT TR : sextuple treble
GR : group
CL : cluster
DEC : decrease
INC : increase
YO : yarn over