How to Knit

Learn to Knit with Sherbet the Sheep at Outback Yarns

The Basics of Knitting

All these tutorials are brought to you by Sirdar and Rowan, and it was using these knitting tutorial that I myself learned how to cast on, knit, purl, ect. The knitting tutorial are very easy to follow and will help anyone that is thinking about starting out in knitting.
Ideally the best way to learn to knit, is to have an experienced knitter talk you though it. But unfortunately we do not all have one of those. So the next best thing is these step by step guides which Sirdar have to lovingly put together. Sirdar and Rowan also make some truly fantastic yarns, our favourite is snowball / Pom Pom yarn, where anyone can knit themselves a fantastic scarf in a couple of hours!

Thanks Sirdar and Rowan

We like to say that Sherbet is teaching you but all he is really doing is looking good at the bottom of the page :)

The free knitting / crocheting card we offer to people wishing to learn the basics of knitting or crocheting, or that wish to simply know how to knit their very own scarf or maybe crochet a hat:


Sirdar Knitting Know How Card

How to Knit - Click to enlarge

Learn to knit starters card by Sirdar - Click to enlarge